Finding Temporary Paris Accommodations

Eu Workers intérim paris is a renowned place for cultural enrichment and the discovery of art, history and architecture. However, finding a place to stay long term in this iconic city can be challenging. Strict rental laws, restrictions from homeowner’s associations and high prices make finding a temporary place to live in Paris difficult for many visitors.

In an effort to keep a close eye on tourism accommodations that do not fit the hotel or bed and breakfast business model, the city introduced a system of registration for short term rentals of entire houses or furnished apartments. The registration is called a ‘change of use’ and must be made at Paris City Hall, with the department responsible for housing. For those with a permanent address in the city, this process is relatively straightforward. But, for owners with a second home in the city, it is more complicated and requires a different approach.

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One solution is to enlist the help of a company that helps with the process and provides an online platform for short term rentals. Companies like Plum Guide are human-sourced and vetted to ensure each property is of the highest standard. In addition, they have an in-house care team available 24/7 to answer questions and assist with anything that may arise during the stay.

Another option is to look for a hall of residence in the city. These are primarily geared towards students and top-level athletes enrolled in a French university, but some offer housing to visiting artists or researchers. One well known hall of residence is the Cite Internationale Universitaire de Paris (CIT) in the Marais and Montmartre, with accommodations from two months – one year.

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