Interim Poland Price

interim poland price

EU Workers, Dec 11- Poland’s constitutional court said Monday that penalties imposed by the EU’s top court before it reaches a final ruling, known as interim measures, are not compatible with the country’s constitution, escalating a row over the rule of law. The move comes after the nationalist Law and Justice party, which has racked up numerous conflicts with Brussels since it came to power in 2015, lost its majority in an Oct. 15 election and was forced to agree to a coalition with pro-European parties.

The Commission’s additional application for penalty payments in the present case is based on the finding that Poland has not complied, or is prepared to comply immediately and fully, with the order of the Vice-President of the Court of 27 July 2017 (see the case-law cited above). Specifically, it continues active forest management operations without sufficient justifications.

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Those operations are a key part of the country’s economy and are vital to its rural communities. They also contribute to the environment and support the local tourism sector. The Commission says it will not be able to reach a fair settlement of the dispute without such active forest management operations being interrupted.

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